Using Sea Salt to remove negative energy 

Hello frndz☺️ today i am going to talk about sea salt….if you are feeling draind ,tired ,exhausted from your daily problems and issues..and want replenish yourself …use this miracle remedy … 

Did you know sea salt has the power to remove negative energy from your house,aura,mind and gives emotional well-being…even to remove evileyes😠

Since ancient times …people have been taking bath with sea-water atleast once a week…to replenish their soul,mind&body

Using sea salt to remove negative energy from your house:- to remove negative energy from your house all you have to do is daily or atleast twice a week do “floor mopping”with handful amount if sea salt in your bucket …use a cloth or cleam your house…

Using sea-salt to remove negative energy from your aura/body:-cleansing our aura from negative energy is essential..we visit some negative place ..or you feel draind,emotinally sad,mentally confused ..its all due negative energy build up..its tried and tested method personally ..i have used it on myself and on pleanty other people..i can swear by it…just take a bowl add around 1/2 teaspoon of sea-salt and take your bath ..and you feel the differnce✌️

Using sea-salt to remove evil eyes:- eveil eyes also know as “nazar lagna” in Indian language …to remove any kind a evil can just take handful amount of seasalt in your hand ..stand facing east direction from your head ..clockwise 3times and then anti-clockwise 3times again ..and just go to your bathroom and flush it …without looking back again😬…and your done ..for more effective resuls do it continuously 3 days every eveneging …

I hope you find this blog helpful..please comment below if you have any questions…✌️

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2 thoughts on “Using Sea Salt to remove negative energy 

  1. Soaking my feet in a bucket of hot water with sea salt is a ritual every three days. I could relate to your post. Am not sure about the ‘evil eye’ bit , but it just soothes me.

    1. Yes even bucket thing is also very effective …”evil eye” is nothing but …when you just feel some people are jealous of you …or people visit your with negativity cleanse yourself😊

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