Stress- free “Mudra”


  Are you stressed out from your daily routine and want to find out the easiest way to calm yourself anywhere anytime???
Today i am going to talk about Gyan Mudra …

Since  ancient times this mudra has been used by our Indian God and Goddess ..pick up any Indian God’s picture and you will find them in this Mudra…also Gautam buddha also used to sit in this mudra

 Mudra in other words also known as hand yoga…

Ok so lets talk about how to use it in your daily life
Method:-Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger,with the other three fingers streched out 

Speciality:-As it is a mudra of knowledge,it enhances the knowledge.The tip of the thumb has centers of pituitary and endocrine glands.When we press the centers by index fingers the two glands work actively.

Time duration:-There is no particular time duration for this mudra. You can practice by sitting,standing or lying down on bed whenever and wherever you have time.

Benefits:-Increases memory power and sharpens the brain.Enhances concentration and prevents insomnia.If we  practice it regularly it will cure all psychological disorders like memtal,anger & depression.
Look how easy and effective it is..just by doing for 5mintues daily…you can feel the differnce also it calms the monkey mind.. ..results are instant.

So do try this mudra ..and feel calm in this busy life whenever you want 

I hope you enjoyed this blog 

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