Are you keeping your wallet CLEAN enough to get more money inflow?

Is your money wallet torned? Is it filled with old unncessary bills? Has old foreign currency coins?old folded tiny notes?is your wallet filled with leather over used crackes?? 

 And you just don’t have enough time to clean it ..or organise it???

And thinking why money never stays in your wallet?or why you never get desired income….then your untidy wallets could be on of the resons for less money inflow


Your personal money wallet is a storage for your daily life money inflow can you expect positive money energy to flow into your untidy wallet????

According to Fengshuiyour wallet should always be clean and tidy..with organised numerical order number notes or watever currency you have …just keep it lower to higher amount notes…it denotes success …and increase in income

Whereas According to Indian scriptures…money means Laxmi Goddess …and to welcome Goddess in your house and life many Indians try to keep their house,locker and wallet clean that they can recieve positive blessings from Goddess Laxmi…
Here are few tips to keep your wallet clean

1.Always make sure you don’t use torned or cracked wallet

2.Always keep money in numerical order eg:-(Rs.10,Rs.20,Rs.50) 

3.Always keep one high amout note in your secret pocket of your wallet…but only use it if neccessary(eg:-Rs.500,Rs.1000)

4.Always try your best to keep it clutter free 

5. If you have any spiritual God or Goddess photos ..try to keep it clear vision..old blurr photos are not recommended 

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