Numerology can Change your life 

You must have heard or seen about people consistently changing their name s on social media ..have you ever thought? Why people are getting so curious about name change?what are the hidden powers in your name?

Since last 2 years i have been practicing Numerology

And after reading so many clients names and numbers ..i haveunderstood the power of numerology and how it effects your life ..

1.Its gives clear picture about your career:-I always tell my clients to go for numerology if you are looking for guidance about which career is suitable for you what are you likes and dislikes..As in numerologist reads your (date of birth) and (Name number)

Only these two things tell alit about your career ..

For example :-


His birth no:-1

Destiny number 1+11+1991=23=5

Now his destiny number 5 shows us that he likes to do in bussiness or wants to travel abroad ..also gemerally number 5 travel alot according to numerology ..

So how can you use numerology to change your life?

Ans:-You date of birth us your destiny we cannot chamge your destiny number ..but yes we can change your name to get it into a positive vibration harmony number with your date of birth..😊😀Thats whem the magic happens numerologist can say what way result will benefit you ..but yes having positive vinration number is necessary also its 50% part of astrology …

Your negative name number 

Might be blocking 

Your career

Your realtionship

Your health

Your success

Your job ..
No matter what it is numbers are everywhwre and they do impact our life..

So if you are interested to know about your magical numbers and to get guidance about your destiny 

Just contact

Charges of your numerology report:-35.781 US Dollar 

I have tried my best to keep at lowest price ..

But trust me this does has the power to change your life ..

What will you get in your report?

1.Your destiny number and complete guidance about your career,relationship,health,how to find mental peace lucky colour,luck dates of the month,lucky mobile numer,lucky time periods of your life 

3.lucky name change( if change is required in your name,or else we keep it as it is)

(Also the best part about name change is that you dont need to change it in any government documents ,only on social media😀) thats awsome isnt it?

4.lucky signature analysis (you will get to know how your signature has been taking you upwards or downwards in your life)

5.your relationship compatible numbers…also if you have someone in your life will also guide you with loving numerology tips how you can understand eachother better .

Ans also you will find alot more in your report..

This report will be your best friend and best to always guide you and help you in life..and will surly change and improve you life for better..

I am waiting for your message and to help you in your life …

Book your Numerology reading and see the differnece in your life✨✨

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Easy Vasstu, an initiative by Pooja V Bhala wants to spread the modern relevance of Vastu Shastra. Vastu has a scientific basis and applying Vastu will open up new vistas in the way we see the flow of energy. Positive energy flow brings positive impact in our live and negative energy flow create hurdles to success and happiness. Vastu studies are not rooted in religion.Apart from Vastu Shastra she also provides other services like Tarot reading, Numerology, Fengshui, and astrology.For more inquiry, you can visit her website.

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