7 Vastu Tips for health and wealth

The science of Vastu adds value to one’s life and brings in peace and prosperity. Behind every Vastu tip is a deep scientific reason and hence it becomes more plausible to follow.Here are 7 most easy to follow vastu tips that you can follow right away.

vastu tips


1.Mirrors, sinks, wash-basin, and taps should preferably be along the North, East or North-East wall.

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2.The North-East corner should always be kept clean and lightweight.

3.Never sit with your back facing the main door.This can cause back-bitting, deceit, betrayal in life.

4.The Center position of the house must be kept empty and light.

5.The best direction for storeroom is the north-west or southwest direction.

6.Always keep medicine in a box or hidden instead of keeping it near the bed or on the dining table.

7.Always keep the aquarium in north-east or north direction.

8.South-west direction should have pictures of couple or family to improve love, bonding, and relationships.

9. The dining room should have a big mirror on the north or north-east wall which attracts wealth and prosperity.

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Easy Vasstu, an initiative by Pooja V Bhala wants to spread the modern relevance of Vastu Shastra. Vastu has a scientific basis and applying Vastu will open up new vistas in the way we see the flow of energy. Positive energy flow brings positive impact in our live and negative energy flow create hurdles to success and happiness. Vastu studies are not rooted in religion.Apart from Vastu Shastra she also provides other services like Tarot reading, Numerology, Fengshui, and astrology.For more inquiry, you can visit her website.

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