Daily Tarot Reading 16th-17th September 2019 for all Zodiac signs

This reading is based on Zodiac signs..but you can also follow it as per your Moon sign,Sun sign or as Ascendent as well.


You are going to feel lot of positivity today in terms of career and your Life.You card denotes more than luck you believe in karma.Yes today your energy will be very high to manifest and work forward for your dreams/goals and as well as whatever challenges you are facing in Life.


There is something thats bothering you today,your mind is running constantly over a topic..maybe not even slept well last night ..overthinking over a topic ..you deserve rest..don’t worry so much, try to unwind yourself from constantly thinking over a topic by talking with your friends,walking ,meditation.


You are ready to leave something behind..you mood will be all about leaving negativity in your life and go somewhere else..would suggest to go out somewhere even for 1hr to refresh your energy, also this card assures whatever you doing ..you are on the right path.


You are going to feel bored about your life.You might feel dissatisfaction with your choices in Life,boredom,mood swings will be present …don’t worry try to be grateful where you are right now in Life..and gradually will help change your mood as well.Take care dear ones!


Confusion regarding money is seem..be alert where are you spending money, lot of unnecessary expenses should be avoided.You can also ask for help if required regarding money,whatever decisions you have to take ..consult with someone else then proceed.


Be in the flow of Life,don’t try to control the changes life is bringing in your life..some frustration and irritation is seen for today,but you can rest assured that these are temporary situations ..will pass and improve through time.


Lot of confusion happening over a situation not able to decide which path to go for..might be there are more options them 1..while deciding follow your intuition today.This card also says chances are high today you might go for some little shopping as well!😜


You are planning for your future,investing time energy to analyse your next step in terms of finances and career..its good time to do so..will be helpful in coming future.In general also you will excited and positive for future possibilities!


You are energy will be very passionate regarding your work…its a positive card to start week,you will be managing all your tasks well,all your work will proceed smoothly for today!


Today lot of positivity is seen in your way..give your best if you are about to start something new…cards are supportive for it ..also can proceed with taking any big decisions for your life or work.


Today you might experience new opportunities your way,it might be beginning of new ideas,new contacts,anything that brings sparks in your life..do follow that path..its helpful for you!in general this is a good card to proceed further with positivity to start or initiate talk with someone!


Pisces your emotions will feel lot of stable through out the day..will also feel contend about something in your Life.Believe in yourself and in your dreams as well!


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