Weekly Tarot Reading | 7th-13 October 2019 |Weekly Predictions for all Zodiac Signs


In this week would suggest to stay calm if you are finding yourself stuck in some situations,avoid taking big decisions at this point of time.You have received the Hanged man card in Tarot ..which indicates struggle in some situations where you are unable to decide which path is best for you, kindly have patience with yourself at this time..hanged man always asks you to surrender and have patience through this time.


You will feel very light and fresh energy this week,though there will be your daily routine still you will feel happy to handle them..a sense of positivity will come out of you, where you will avoid worrying about future or past,this week is good if you want to take any big descision in life.With the fool card would suggest to accept this as it comes by!


You will experience new idea are coming in your mind,this week is very creative and optimistic, just go for all the ideas you get in your mind..definitely take actions for it.In general this is a good card for will be a normal routine ..but with lot of new adn creative energy around you!


This week you will find yourself spending time with family members..or if going through any struggles you mr family will help you to get through it .This also seems to be great week for business opportunities.Also, you will develop lot of positive outlook for your current problem or situation.


You will experience lot of courage and strength from inside,no matter whats going on outside world..you will feel ready to fight with it..will follow all your responsibilities and routine full and with discipline.No matter what happens in this week you seem to be all set and ready to face it with lot of courage wether its relationships/job/career anything !


This week seems to be little stressful for you guys..you need to be still and calm through this transition..this card indicated you are going through lot of sudden changes in your life..you never expected this to happen with you..but this card indicates the energy where no matter how hard you try to understand it .. but no answers will be there..Don’t worry much ..believe that whatever is happening is happening for your highest Good!


This week will be very fast and quick for you ..you will do lot of work and busy schedules are seen, would suggest take things at slow pace by meditating and balancing things.Otherwise in general this is a good week for productive work.In relationships as well try to avoid communicating on quick basis/ avoid arguments at this time.


You will find the need to be in spiritual place it could be meditating or talking someone wise than you ..this week is best for spiritual practices as it will keep you calm and balance.Apart from that this week is good for new projects and opportunities.Commitment and stability is seen in relationships as well.


This week struggle is seen in terms of office /work politics or arguments in relationships.Try your best to be cautious of politics around you ..kindly speak up for your own good.You are doing great with your hard work ! But some struggles are seen due to other person..just take care of that ..emotionally you might feel little disturbed and dissatisfied for this week.


Financial pressure and struggle is seen for this week, if you require to ask for someones help emotionally or financially you can surely ask for it in this week..in general if struggling in finances this week is not good for making any big decisions i. Career have patience if required can ise your savings as well.


This week you have received the sun card ..which assures lot of positivity on your way thinking and feeling, where in your current struggle you might get new spark of energy or good news that everything will be ok, this card brings good opportunities and success as well..of-course this just for this week ..would ask to expect less but yes this week seems to be very optimistic for dear Aquarius ❤️


This week brings lot of friends get together energy ..you might get some good news..or in general this week doesn’t seem to be too stressful for you.You will manage things well in a positive manner for this week.Emotional support from fanily and friends is seen✨

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