🔮✨Card of the Day✨🔮 |14th October 2019

Its okay to take your time before taking a new path..you are worth it ..Pause for sometime from constantly overthinking over a situation..

At the right time right wisdom will arrive..

You are valuable!

Below also sharing back msg of this card..so it might deliver more detailed mag to you🙏✨

Affirmation for Today!

Life supports me ! I am always at the right place at right time! I trust Life and Life is always there at every turn. I am Safe!..

Say this affirmation today as many times you like..i am providing image below as well..so you can use it as reminder and save on your cellphones 🌸

Have a bright day ☀️

4 thoughts on “🔮✨Card of the Day✨🔮 |14th October 2019

  1. Hey mam ,
    Wonderful reading kabhi kabhi to mujhe lagta hii ki apne meri kitab padh di ,
    Mai bhut insecure mahsoos kr raha apni kuch confuse huu
    I am Virgo mujhe log confuse kr rahe

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