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Hello! Welcome to your Tuesday Pick-A-Card reading …above you can see 3 card sets, all you have to do is relax for few minutes and see which card attracts you the most and select one card from 1-3…don’t think too much to select ..just be in a flow for whichever card feels more drawn to you …apart from one you can also select combination of two cards as well ..Below will reveal all the answers..

I hope you are ready❤️so lets begin

Card No:-1

What are juggling with? Is it relationship/career / decision making?

What i feel is that somehow you have been struggling alot lately in managing your finances, this card is asking you to balance it out ..try be be calm in this storm of handling lot of work commitments and pressure ..everybody goes through this phase of juggling money ..this card also suggests if its required you can also ask for financial help..if you are looking for new career options this card shows take it slowly don’t hurry up…wait for sometime then clearly decide your path! Just because not happy in current job or career doesn’t mean you have to change got to have a clear plan and reasons ..only then take that change. Financially you need to carefully manage your budget,including your day to day expenditures and earnings!You need to get things in balance for example by spending less or bringing in more money to build a sound future!

I know its gonna take take time,and its not easy dear ones..but little bit awareness will surely help your way to manage finances as cards suggests!

In terms of relationships as well this card shows both the parties are busy managing their own personal life ..they don’t have time for eachother..even if they communicate it turns into heated arguments due to other stress issues..ohkay so you need to balance this with understanding and patience with YOURSELF….as this time your partner won’t understand anything ..and he/she might expect you to be understanding…yes its frustrating…but this is what it is….!!!

When such cards come build up relationships we always suggest to give space and time to eachother..once this situation is balanced through time relationship will improve..and remember darlings!! Sometime during this period you might your partner is loosing interest in you ..but in reality he is just working on his own life and work..and unable to deliver Love to don’t judge or blame too much to your partner at this time..

If already relationship is going through struggling phase..this is not the good time to communicate ..if you even want to ..then try to avoid arguments at this time.

There is also another card for you which highlights the energy of forgiving yourself/your partner/ it could be anybody else as well..but what i feel us that this kind of energy is seen because being emotional you say something to your partner so that they talk to you and relationships can improve ..and instead it turns into fight then you blame yourself…in another way you might just be upset with your partner for specific matter what is this card is asking you to forgive yourself and others at this point ..release all the negativity..and start with fresh state of mind for your own and others highest good..thats what relationships are all about💖

Card No:-2

You seem to be dreaming about something..passionate about it ..your whole energy and focus is on your career and Life…you are really trying to understand which path/career/job will be better for you…and this is really good time to analyse that are doing great if you are putting that energy right now in your career…you have a spark for learning new things and then develop your well as you feel this is the time you take financial responsibility of yourself and if needed for family as well..

In terms of love and relationships yes you feel ready to get into relationships if single ..and if in well developed relationships..then this card shows you feel that your current relationship has good possible future together..but remember this is a beginning card for through time lot of effort and plan would be needed ..but yes apart from relationship do have a positive possibility and you find a good compatibility with partner..also if going through any rough patch in relationship…a better light hearted communication might help!

There is also another card for you which says Staying Neutral..yes this card has two meanings to it ..first of course indicate stay neutral with your dreams keep it with yourself ..don’t put too much pressure of being perfect in it..or telling everybody what you will do and show the world..take it slowly and easily and same in terms of relationship ..stay neutral with your feelings at this i said above its just a beginning of relationship for some people who selected this card…but all over don’t be too expressive or pressuring others at this time for any reason is not suggested …or forcing to agree your opinion…apart from that only for certain people this card suggests to also avoid kn interfering in other people’s matter..try involve in limited way is suggested ..

Card No:-3

Okay so you have received the 9 of cups which indicates a promising positive future..wishes fulfilled matter it could be relationships/ career / finances anything ..this card brings in positive msg and hope that if work with you utter dedication and honestly success is assured..the path and energy is clear …the universe is waiting for you to come and take your treasures😛😍…sounds sooo cool right?? Yes the card of 9 of cups actually means that…but if you have been not feel so positive right now and little doubtful ..then this card asks you ti be grateful for what you have achieved till now !! Be grateful for all the journey you have been through till now …try to be grateful for 3 things daily least for this week it helps you to stay optimistic regarding your possibilities..but i can sense most of the people who would select this card ..would be having a sense of inner gut feeling or confidence..that whatever they are working for will manifest surely …that kind of vibe they will be going terms of relationship if going through struggles this is a good omen that things will heal soon..also this is a card of marriage and wishes being fulfilled..also if feeling attracted to someone ..chances are high soon they will be in your arms❤️so yes for love relationship aspect this is a very positive card to receive…

apart from that there is another card for you which says Making the right descision this card means that whatever path you take if confused …take it easily and slowly.. no need to hurry up in the process…follow your gut feelings even if it feels impossible for now ..still go for that journey …also dear ones this card suggests your own visions..don’t expect anybody else to understand your vision…let others have their own dreams and vision but kindly you trust yours…because only you can feel that down what you are working for ..!

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