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Weekly Love horoscope for all Zodiac Signs


Your relationship is going through lot of emotional changes ..it could be possible you will not feel like talking to your partner as well, because in reality you did a-lot for this relationship and now that is not being appreciated by other person..even though in front of society your relationship might look perfect ..but deep down you are not happy and won’t escape from this relationship for sometime!


You are doing great …firstly you are handling yourself and relationship very well..you have that confidence and spark to handle anything comes your way!!if you are going through any rough patch in relationship..and you know you are right ..please stand up for it ..speak up..because this card shows you know you are damn right ..and you deserve lot more respect in relationship..and you seem to be asking more time and attention in this week..i would say just tame little bit of ego at this time..and convey your msg with Love 💓


Bright possibilities are seen in this week in terms of relationship and marriage..life can bring lot of positive and sudden changes,in this week i would suggest you will optimistic about your relationships..if going through any issues chances are high ..will get resolved by this week as well! Be ready to forgive others at this point!


The energy for you is positive in terms of relationship..there are chances you might attend any function or event by this week..if going through any difficulties in relationship ..try to have some fun this week..try to change your mind..by specially spending time with friends (apart from that for some couples could indicate..some stress is seen in relationship due to third person in relationship)


You are going through heartbreak! You are deeply hurt by your partners words..also if you are looking for Love..this card shows you still healing from past Love and memories..you personally don’t want any kind of Love ..because this week you don’t feel like communicating with others..kindly allow yourself to heal from this emotional pain..Don’t worry dear ones this time temporary it will heal soon !! And you will get over this through time💜


You putting lot of effort in your relationships..for this week you will try your best to work on yourself and on your relationship..you will be very much dedicated in your relationships..(but for some darling virgo’s i would also like to highlight that ..you are angry about something ..and really unable to let that go for this time..but its very temporary ..this emotion will pass) as all over you will try to put your energy so the relationship becomes stable and strong!


If you are looking for love, this card suggests that you are prepared to ‘do battle’ to win over the person you are interested in, even if there are others who want his/ her attention. You have a strong sense of self-confidence and belief that you deserve only the best in your relationships; thus, you are prepared to fight for that.In established relationships this could be someone kind of critical-ego fights are going on ..which needs to tackled wisely ..i mean very wisely !!Apart from that if you are fighting for love ..this card shows there will be struggle for this relationship-to work out..could be possible your family/society telling this relationship will not work out still you are putting that effort..if its so then this cards says ..yes you need to put that effort and only trust yourself and don’t give up!


My dear Scorpio’s firstly if you are single ..this card indicates you are happy to be single ..you feel even if you don’t fond anyone for yourself ..you can live happily alone as well…apart from that if in relationship ..you will be very positive and caring for this week..you will handle your work and relationships very well!! It might be possible that you will find difficult to express your emotions for this week as well! But apart from relationships seems to be stable for this week! ( if going through arguments ..stay stable scorpio ..let your authenticity speak..let other person realise with your silence!!) would be the suggestion for this week.


Slow down !!!!dear saggi…you are rushing too fast wether its that you just entered in new relationship and already talking about staying together or meeting each other parents…vice versa it also indicates ..if you are going through an arguments ..you making quick assumptions about your fights…so please take it slow with your actions and decisions for this week!!


Chances are high you are looking for partner for marriage or stable relationships.This week seems to be a positive sign that your connection together will indeed mature and will enter a new space where you are incredibly comfortable with each other.Very caring and warm energies are seen for this week!!


Try to have open and honest communication with your partner,this is will bring new and positive spark in relationship…there is minor communication issue happening in your relationship ..which can resolved with correct communication …for singles this card indicates high chances of making deeper connections with someone special!


You are positive about your love and relationships…. You feel that there is a lot of potential for the future together but you are starkly aware that you are only at the start of that journey and there is a lot that needs to happen before you can be life-long partners. Nonetheless, you are willing to take that leap of faith and give this relationship all that you have.

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