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Hello! Beautiful people 🙏✨Welcome to my free Tarot Reading!! To participate in this reading all you have to do is select any one or combination of two cards from 1-3 below👇 and scroll down to read your answers💖✨

I hope you have taken your time and have selected your cards for Tarot Guidance!!and these readings are always matter when you see this post you can participate in this and get a free reading for yourself..may be this is the time you need this reading the most!

Ohkay so lets begin with Card Reveal !!

Card No.1

You are going through lot of changes right now and these changes will not be noticed by others..but only you will be able to sense and feel that energy.If required you need to tame your anger or ego this card shows the need to balance emotions at this point if time and try to be humble with yourself and everybody from their own perspective doing the best they can..No matter what you are going through a great inner strength is required to handle that..and with card i can say that you are already doing great ..and handling so much pressure in your life !!you are smart and handling things smartly…but still along the way more strength/stability and courage is required

Don’t hurry up in making any decisions..In terms of relationships lot of smartness is required…don’t be very sensitive at this little practical …if anybody treating you wrong ..speak up for it !!

Card No.2

You are being challenged…fighting for something or you can say not giving up for could be your dreams/job/specific person/relationships/health…but you are believing in yourself and want to try for it..even if you know it might be a struggling journey.Also lots of politics happening around you in terms of work or someone very close to you! With this card not many changes are suggested to be taken..stay where you are…until you are equipped with something else ..don’t change your current position in life/career especially ..would suggest to be in flow and give your best in current situation.

You need to relax a have been through a-lot lately..with this society pressure and expectations from you!!

Card No.3

You are struggling in your don’t know why but you feel stuck or struggling through something from very long i must say!!! Mostly you want to move on and feel happy from mid of your heart..but you are unable to let go of your past/ past relationships …mostly this card shows struggle in relationships..(where two people are not talking to each-other).In terms of career would suggest to keep trying and not to give up…you need to get out of this confusion and frustration and work for your dreams…

A lot of will power is required to take a decision to get away from something which does not make you happy anymore…it could be job or relationships…but this card assures to trust yourself that YOU CAN DO IT !! and keep moving ahead to find your happiness and clarity once again by GOD’S GRACE🙏✨

Thank you!!

If this reading was helpful for your do let me know as well!!🙏✨

God Bless

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