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Hello! Beautiful souls!!!below are your weekly Love readings 💖based on tarot cards..hope you it enjoy it and feel connected with it🙏✨


Aries as I can see some kind of freedom is required in the relationship you have been doing a lot from past few weeks or months… but this is the time to take a break in your relationship.If you are single it could indicate some positivity with meeting someone or new experiences with someone special..or you could say a relationship without any commitments is also possible at this time for you.You want a relationship but without any commitments …this could be highly possible if in established relationship …give some time to yourself and to your partner to find more positivity in your relationship no kind of control stubbornness should be imposed on your partner in this week!!!


Hello Taurus!!!this week is all about believing in yourself ..you need to trust yourself that if they value you..they will come back..do not beg for attention or call them …for this week let them realise your value this is the week all about trusting yourself and moving ahead in life !!This week focus on improving yourself you have the power to make yourself happy don’t be dependent on others to make yourself happy!!


Hey Gemini!!This week there are high chances that you might feel cheated or you are hiding something from your partner…maybe there are some feelings that you want to discuss with your partner but you are unable to discuss that …With this card I would suggest if you feel like discussing something with your partner you must try to talk to them!!this will surely help you feel better as well.


Do not be quick or rude in your communication with your partner..avoid any kind of arguments ,it’s better to stay quiet at this moment if you will try to resolve the problem you might get angry or agitated and might bring stress in the relationship ,instead of improving it it’s better to go for small walk..and avoid big serious communication …in this week spend some time alone and give yourself a break from that continues thought process you have been going through regarding your partner !!!


You need to be patient at this time some kind of miss understanding are seen in this week..you are doing great ..in terms of handling this relationship pressure ,you might feel much more confident in yourself you might also feel that you are right no matter what is the situation in this week …you will be strong in your decisions !!!You are clear that you want permanent relationship or long-lasting relationships you are not here for time pass relationships…you want commitment and hence until and unless you find that kind of a partner you might feel little upset so waiting for the right one!!


You are warm person !!!you know what you want and what you like in terms if relationships….you always give your 100% in the relationship ,some kind of a positivity is seen in your relationship… both parties are mature enough to handle the situation there are no expectations right now…


Libra there is positive energy for you in this week in terms of relationships …be open to communicate with your partner to resolve issues apart from that …if an established relationships no extra issues are going on then in this week…. you can experience lot of positive ,Romance ,support and energy from your partner… This week is all about understanding your partner’s need or else both of you understanding each other well!!! give your best and adjusting with your partner in this week!!


You are looking for long-term relationships you want stability in relationships… You believe in yourself what is best for you… are planning for your life in terms of getting all the positivity and the needs for yourself ,in this week you will feel practical, strong and little bit mood swings are seen… Personally I feel that you will be experiencing lot of strength and courage in terms of relationships…


In This week.. You are confused about something.. You don’t know which path to go ….you might experience some mood swings or else you might miss someone from your past, maybe you want to communicate with them ,your partner is not understanding you at this time.. In this case I would suggest to go for some yoga or meditation… Trust your intuition… Sometimes you might also feel that your current relationship is not right for you maybe there is no future possibility in future…no matter what side of situation you are thinking …have patience before concluding anything!!


In this week there is high chances of positivity in your relationship a great romance is seen… both parties wants to stay with each other but due to some circumstances both of you are not able to stay with each other ….you guys are committed to each other …very possible that no matter what problems are present…you both are going to handle it very well…. No matter what is the situation trust that there could be a possibility of resolving it together!!! Trust that!


In this week you might experience lot of pressure in taking a big decision in your relationship is like ‘make or Break’ period in your relationship… you need to be very clear in your mind about what you want out of this relationship ,it’s better that both partners should talk to each other and discuss that what is the situation ??what are each other expectations?? whether both the parties want the relation to be taken to next level or not ….this card is about being honest with yourself you need to make some tough decisions about what needs to happen next!!


You see a good possibility in your relationship you feel that if you make certain effort…there are chances of a long term relationship, or no matter what problems are going in your relationship you are finding out the solution to resolve it… your doing best to get a proper growth development in the relationship …very high chances that relationship might be very new at this. But still you feel great connection with your partner ,if you are struggling in your relationship…there is a need of a new mind set or to change the way you have been communicating with your partner this is the time to have faith in your relationship if going through any issues currently!!!

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  1. Hii ma’am, aap jesa bhi batate ho mujhe mere rasi se full match karta h.. Me aap ke bate huye ko hi follow karti hu.. Thank you so much ma’am.. To lonching this horoscope.

  2. Maam your readings are very good. I have some issue in my life which is ruining my life. Can I take ur help.

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