Numerology can Change your life 

You must have heard or seen about people consistently changing their name s on social media ..have you ever thought? Why people are getting so curious about name change?what are the hidden powers in your name? Since last 2 years i have been practicing Numerology And after reading so many clients names and numbers ..iContinue reading “Numerology can Change your life “

Are you keeping your wallet CLEAN enough to get more money inflow?

   Is your money wallet torned? Is it filled with old unncessary bills? Has old foreign currency coins?old folded tiny notes?is your wallet filled with leather over used crackes??       And you just don’t have enough time to clean it ..or organise it??? And thinking why money never stays in your wallet?or why you neverContinue reading “Are you keeping your wallet CLEAN enough to get more money inflow?”

Importance of North-East direction

 In Vastu shashtra, north-east direction plays an very important ..its said to be the most auspicious direction of your house…    The Head of Vaastu-Purush lies in the North-East (Eashan) Direction and is occupied by Mercury (Buddha) and Ruled by Lord Shiva. Accordingly, the place of conducting mental work and the worship chamber in aContinue reading “Importance of North-East direction”

Using Sea Salt to remove negative energy 

   Hello frndz☺️ today i am going to talk about sea salt….if you are feeling draind ,tired ,exhausted from your daily problems and issues..and want replenish yourself …use this miracle remedy …  Did you know sea salt has the power to remove negative energy from your house,aura,mind and gives emotional well-being…even to remove evileyes😠 SinceContinue reading “Using Sea Salt to remove negative energy “