7 Vastu Tips for health and wealth

The science of Vastu adds value to one’s life and brings in peace and prosperity. Behind every Vastu tip is a deep scientific reason and hence it becomes more plausible to follow.Here are 7 most easy to follow vastu tips that you can follow right away.

vastu tips


1.Mirrors, sinks, wash-basin, and taps should preferably be along the North, East or North-East wall.

vastu tips 2

2.The North-East corner should always be kept clean and lightweight.

3.Never sit with your back facing the main door.This can cause back-bitting, deceit, betrayal in life.

4.The Center position of the house must be kept empty and light.

5.The best direction for storeroom is the north-west or southwest direction.

6.Always keep medicine in a box or hidden instead of keeping it near the bed or on the dining table.

7.Always keep the aquarium in north-east or north direction.

8.South-west direction should have pictures of couple or family to improve love, bonding, and relationships.

9. The dining room should have a big mirror on the north or north-east wall which attracts wealth and prosperity.

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Why We Compare Ourselves to Others on Social Media and How to Stop


“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” ~Steve Furtick

We all have certain triggers that can cause our confidence to take a sudden nosedive.

For some, it’s a trip to the gym. If you’re self-conscious of your body, watching fit people strut their stuff in their tightest fitting gym clothes likely has you over analyzing your every body part.

For others, it may be a certain individual—a family member, friend, or enemy that, for whatever reason, leaves them with the dreaded feeling that they just aren’t enough.

We all know the gut wrenching feeling that arises when we see or hear something that immediately has us second guessing our appearance, personality, or skill set.

Unfortunately, social media provides us with numerous platforms that help to quickly trigger that unpleasant self-disdain.

1.Reduce your time on social media.

This can be a challenge since we live in a culture that puts such a high value on social media outlets. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Allow yourself five to ten minutes a day to check your social media accounts and then be done with it. Especially avoid looking at profiles of people who trigger thoughts of comparison. You have nothing to gain in doing so besides anxiety and sadness.

2. Redirect your focus on the things that really matter.

When you direct your attention toward the real world, you have less time and energy to direct toward meaningless activities such as social comparisons.

Focus on a high-energy workout at the gym or finishing a book you’ve been putting off. Immerse yourself in activities that leave you feeling better for having engaged in them (versus Facebook stalking, which leaves you wishing you hadn’t).

Make a list of activities and then schedule them onto a calendar. Since we often spend time on social media when we have little else going on, having scheduled plans will reduce the time we are sitting idle.

3.You are Unique.

This might sound that cheesy stuff we keep listening from motivators..but it is the truth trust me, as I started learning “Numerology”  and “Astrology” . I realized how different and unique charts we all have, it’s just a matter of realizing it

Trust me you are Unique, you just need to find your strengths and master those skills and appreciate what you have.


Numerology can Change your life 

You must have heard or seen about people consistently changing their name s on social media ..have you ever thought? Why people are getting so curious about name change?what are the hidden powers in your name?

Since last 2 years i have been practicing Numerology

And after reading so many clients names and numbers ..i haveunderstood the power of numerology and how it effects your life ..

1.Its gives clear picture about your career:-I always tell my clients to go for numerology if you are looking for guidance about which career is suitable for you what are you likes and dislikes..As in numerologist reads your (date of birth) and (Name number)

Only these two things tell alit about your career ..

For example :-


His birth no:-1

Destiny number 1+11+1991=23=5

Now his destiny number 5 shows us that he likes to do in bussiness or wants to travel abroad ..also gemerally number 5 travel alot according to numerology ..

So how can you use numerology to change your life?

Ans:-You date of birth us your destiny we cannot chamge your destiny number ..but yes we can change your name to get it into a positive vibration harmony number with your date of birth..😊😀Thats whem the magic happens ..no numerologist can say what way result will benefit you ..but yes having positive vinration number is necessary also its 50% part of astrology …

Your negative name number 

Might be blocking 

Your career

Your realtionship

Your health

Your success

Your job ..
No matter what it is numbers are everywhwre and they do impact our life..

So if you are interested to know about your magical numbers and to get guidance about your destiny 

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I have tried my best to keep at lowest price ..

But trust me this does has the power to change your life ..

What will you get in your report?

1.Your destiny number and complete guidance about your career,relationship,health,how to find mental peace 

2.you lucky colour,luck dates of the month,lucky mobile numer,lucky time periods of your life 

3.lucky name change( if change is required in your name,or else we keep it as it is)

(Also the best part about name change is that you dont need to change it in any government documents ,only on social media😀) thats awsome isnt it?

4.lucky signature analysis (you will get to know how your signature has been taking you upwards or downwards in your life)

5.your relationship compatible numbers…also if you have someone in your life will also guide you with loving numerology tips how you can understand eachother better .

Ans also you will find alot more in your report..

This report will be your best friend and best to always guide you and help you in life..and will surly change and improve you life for better..

I am waiting for your message and to help you in your life …

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Are you keeping your wallet CLEAN enough to get more money inflow?

Is your money wallet torned? Is it filled with old unncessary bills? Has old foreign currency coins?old folded tiny notes?is your wallet filled with leather over used crackes?? 

 And you just don’t have enough time to clean it ..or organise it???

And thinking why money never stays in your wallet?or why you never get desired income….then your untidy wallets could be on of the resons for less money inflow


Your personal money wallet is a storage for your daily life money inflow ..how can you expect positive money energy to flow into your untidy wallet????

According to Fengshuiyour wallet should always be clean and tidy..with organised numerical order number notes or watever currency you have …just keep it lower to higher amount notes…it denotes success …and increase in income

Whereas According to Indian scriptures…money means Laxmi Goddess …and to welcome Goddess in your house and life many Indians try to keep their house,locker and wallet clean ..so that they can recieve positive blessings from Goddess Laxmi…
Here are few tips to keep your wallet clean

1.Always make sure you don’t use torned or cracked wallet

2.Always keep money in numerical order eg:-(Rs.10,Rs.20,Rs.50) 

3.Always keep one high amout note in your secret pocket of your wallet…but only use it if neccessary(eg:-Rs.500,Rs.1000)

4.Always try your best to keep it clutter free 

5. If you have any spiritual God or Goddess photos ..try to keep it clear vision..old blurr photos are not recommended 

Importance of North-East direction

 In Vastu shashtra, north-east direction plays an very important ..its said to be the most auspicious direction of your house…


The Head of Vaastu-Purush lies in the North-East (Eashan) Direction and is occupied by Mercury (Buddha) and Ruled by Lord Shiva. Accordingly, the place of conducting mental work and the worship chamber in a house is to be situated in that direction.
The head should be secure. Therefore, the North-East is should be kept free from heavy structures like pillars, etc.
While constructing one should therefore take care that there is enough ventilation in the North-East direction of the building. Toilet should never be constructed on the North-East. Yes, only a Bathing room can be constructed.
Keep the North-East corner of the Building always clean and pure. Always light incense sticks here as North-East is the best place for worship place. 

Never place any heavy objects…in north-east direction,always try to keep this direction clean and light 

 You can check north-east direction of your house and bedroom by standing in center of your house and holding a compass in your hands….in the middle of north and east direction is said to be north-east direction(fir bedroom ..stand in center of your bedroom)
  Try your best to keep North-east direction of your house clean as much as possible..

How to love yourself in 5 easy steps

  It might sound weird if you are listening this for the first time…

But trust me it has life-changimg capacity to improve you relationship,career,health…and other areas of your life 
Today’s self-help knowldege is bombared with importancw of self-love thing..

But have you experienced it yet?if not let me give you some easy go-to steps

1.Mirror-work– this is the most important part in your journey of self-love…

Daily as soon as wake go to your bathroom..look deeply inside the eyeball of your eyes..just see how innocently your eyes blink…do it for sometime around 1min…you will start feeling calm and relaxed..after that just say…i love you (your name)…say it for 11 times….and even if you dont feel anything…at 1st or even 10 days ..keep doing ..you will see the difference…always remeber “fake it unless you make it”😉 this exercise is so effective..within 2-3 days you will start thinking and feeling positive about yourself… 


“You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” ~Louise Hay

You only have to be aware of it..whwnever you are criticing yourself every now and then…

Stop betraying yorself by contantly thing your not good enough…yiu need to do more than your peers..you are looser…stop being at war with yourself…

And to do this exercise you just need be aware compassion will arise attometically  

 3.Stop comparison:-if you really want world to value you…honour ..you gotta do it yourself 1st…by comparing yourself with other or being jealous..we are actually killing are uniqueness…where as comes to materilistic comparisions..”i want big car or house like him”…so you got to understand..this is only going reduce your value..and put more pressure on your soul..you need to start appreciating..for all the things you have achieved …

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” Excodus 20:17 (bible verse)

In the bible,wanting what others have is called conveting,and it is forbidden by God…

Try your best not to compare yourself in any way with others

4.Self-Spa:-pampering yourself every now and then or even daily is essential for your wellbeing …having realxing bath…menicure…taking time to do your hobbies if you have kids..if not big..do some little thing daily that gives you relaxation ..treat yourself like a queen…remeber if you want to take care of someone else..you gotta take care of yourself first… 

 5.Happiness dependency :-stop being dependent on others to make you happy..and complaing others that they dont love you…instead you need to practice to love yourself…you cannot control others..and beg them to love you…take charge of your emotions..try your best ..be busy confident ..and trust that nobody else can make you happy ..its your choice

This wisdom..itself will solve lot of your relationship problems 

 Self-love is not a descision its a daily practic…its an every moment choice..

Stress- free “Mudra”


  Are you stressed out from your daily routine and want to find out the easiest way to calm yourself anywhere anytime???
Today i am going to talk about Gyan Mudra …

Since  ancient times this mudra has been used by our Indian God and Goddess ..pick up any Indian God’s picture and you will find them in this Mudra…also Gautam buddha also used to sit in this mudra

 Mudra in other words also known as hand yoga…

Ok so lets talk about how to use it in your daily life
Method:-Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger,with the other three fingers streched out 

Speciality:-As it is a mudra of knowledge,it enhances the knowledge.The tip of the thumb has centers of pituitary and endocrine glands.When we press the centers by index fingers the two glands work actively.

Time duration:-There is no particular time duration for this mudra. You can practice by sitting,standing or lying down on bed whenever and wherever you have time.

Benefits:-Increases memory power and sharpens the brain.Enhances concentration and prevents insomnia.If we  practice it regularly it will cure all psychological disorders like memtal,anger & depression.
Look how easy and effective it is..just by doing for 5mintues daily…you can feel the differnce also it calms the monkey mind.. ..results are instant.

So do try this mudra ..and feel calm in this busy life whenever you want 

I hope you enjoyed this blog 

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Using Sea Salt to remove negative energy 

Hello frndz☺️ today i am going to talk about sea salt….if you are feeling draind ,tired ,exhausted from your daily problems and issues..and want replenish yourself …use this miracle remedy … 

Did you know sea salt has the power to remove negative energy from your house,aura,mind and gives emotional well-being…even to remove evileyes😠

Since ancient times …people have been taking bath with sea-water atleast once a week…to replenish their soul,mind&body

Using sea salt to remove negative energy from your house:- to remove negative energy from your house all you have to do is daily or atleast twice a week do “floor mopping”with handful amount if sea salt in your bucket …use a cloth or mop..to cleam your house…

Using sea-salt to remove negative energy from your aura/body:-cleansing our aura from negative energy is essential..we visit some negative place ..or you feel draind,emotinally sad,mentally confused ..its all due negative energy build up..its tried and tested method personally ..i have used it on myself and on pleanty other people..i can swear by it…just take a bowl add around 1/2 teaspoon of sea-salt and take your bath ..and you feel the differnce✌️

Using sea-salt to remove evil eyes:- eveil eyes also know as “nazar lagna” in Indian language …to remove any kind a evil eye..you can just take handful amount of seasalt in your hand ..stand facing east direction ..run from your head ..clockwise 3times and then anti-clockwise 3times again ..and just go to your bathroom and flush it …without looking back again😬…and your done ..for more effective resuls do it continuously 3 days every eveneging …

I hope you find this blog helpful..please comment below if you have any questions…✌️