7 Vastu Tips for health and wealth

The science of Vastu adds value to one’s life and brings in peace and prosperity. Behind every Vastu tip is a deep scientific reason and hence it becomes more plausible to follow.Here are 7 most easy to follow vastu tips that you can follow right away.   1.Mirrors, sinks, wash-basin, and taps should preferably be alongContinue reading “7 Vastu Tips for health and wealth”

Are you keeping your wallet CLEAN enough to get more money inflow?

   Is your money wallet torned? Is it filled with old unncessary bills? Has old foreign currency coins?old folded tiny notes?is your wallet filled with leather over used crackes??       And you just don’t have enough time to clean it ..or organise it??? And thinking why money never stays in your wallet?or why you neverContinue reading “Are you keeping your wallet CLEAN enough to get more money inflow?”

Importance of North-East direction

 In Vastu shashtra, north-east direction plays an very important ..its said to be the most auspicious direction of your house…    The Head of Vaastu-Purush lies in the North-East (Eashan) Direction and is occupied by Mercury (Buddha) and Ruled by Lord Shiva. Accordingly, the place of conducting mental work and the worship chamber in aContinue reading “Importance of North-East direction”